About Eagle African Hair Braiding Salon

 We at Eagle Hair Salon offers a healthy HAIR BRAIDING care services you are looking for in a serene and upscale environment. We are located in in the heart of the city here in Chicago. Customer satisfaction is our outmost concern and we are ready to go to any lenght to ensure that you leave our salon feeling different inside and outside. We have a free advice and our professional braiders are ready to take your idea to the next level and make your dream hair braids a reality.

Affordable and realable price are also our attribute that drive customers to us, for we strive to keep our quality above others and our price for African Hair Braiding in Chicago very compatitive.

We have many year of experience, some of our hair braids care specialist are very experienced with kids, making the braiding time for them here in Eagle Hair Braiding shop a lot of fun and give them a big smile when they look in the mirror and see the final product. Men are also welcome. We have a lot of men hair braiding styles to choose from and the look of real and strong man like those egyptian warrior we like in the movies

Don't forget to book your appointment on the contact page or call us direct to schedule your next appointment. You can count on us and we can assure you that you will be glad you have taken this decision to come to Eagle AFRICAN HAIR BRAIDING SHOP 

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